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Redskins announce playoff ticket sales for season ticket holders

Season ticket holders have until December 27 to purchase playoff tickets.

Matt Sullivan

We haven't quite been able to believe that the Redskins are actually atop the NFC East with a chance to not only make the playoffs for the first time since 1997, but a chance to host a home playoff game for only the second time in FedEx Field's history.

Then, Monday afternoon, we got an email with the following heading from the Redskins: Redskins Release Playoff Ticket Information. And that's when we realized, to riff off Ian Eagle, this is real and it is spectacular.

So, here's the deal regarding potential purchase of Redskins playoff tickets, according to this email we just received:

  • Season ticket holders have until December 27 (a week from Thursday) to reserve playoff tickets via either credit card (which will be charged only when/if a Redskins home playoff game is confirmed) or check/money order (which will be credited toward the 2013 season ticket invoice if the Redskins don't host a playoff game.
  • Playoff tickets will go on sale to the general public Saturday, December 29, the day before Washington's regular season finale against Dallas (almost as good as five golden rings if you're celebrating the 12 days of Christmas).

Of course, there's a long way to go before any of this comes to pass, but if television has taught us anything, it's that it's good to dream.