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Kevin Seraphin won't celebrate his birthday because the Wizards are losing

Another depressing chapter for Washington's NBA franchise.


Kevin Jones of WUSA9 wrote a nice blog feature about Kevin Seraphin, who has been one of the Wizards' pleasant surprises this season. The piece is full of interesting tidbits (like Seraphin loving with a roommate in Adams Morgan) and great stories (Seraphin's first trip to America being a Dallas Mavericks game).

But like everyone else whose read the piece, this is what stuck out to us: Kevin Seraphin refused to go out to celebrate his 23rd birthday because he felt guilty about celebrating while playing on a losing team.

Back on December 7th, Seraphin refused to celebrate his 23rd birthday out on the town, even with his roommate Taylor and girlfriend Allison pestering him that he deserved to have some fun. "We keep losing. I feel guilty to celebrate. Not this year," said Seraphin in a frustrated tone.

This fact, we think, is meant to be complimentary, making a point of Seraphin's intensity and competitive drive. And it's not certain past Wizards haven't gotten on the wrong side of fans for racking up bottle charges while the team was racking up Ls.

But c'mon, Kevin ... you're only 23 once. We promise we'll give you a pass next year.