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Russell Athletic Bowl 2012: Virginia Tech to wear 'matte maroon' helmets

The Hokies unveil their helmets for the Dec. 28 bowl game against Rutgers.

Cast your minds back to August for a moment, when Virginia Tech unveiled their three helmets that they would wear at various points during the season. You might recall that Virginia Tech QB Logan Thomas took to Twitter to say that the Hokies' special white helmets were "so ugly."

Well, after Thomas' up-and-down senior season (2,783 yards, 52.6 completion percentage, 17 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions), we doubt he'll be doing his best Anna Wintour impression when critiquing Virginia Tech's matte maroon helmets for the December 28 Russell Athletic Bowl against Rutgers.

The Virginia Tech Football Equipment Room Tweeted out a picture of the helmets earlier Wednesday, and, well ...


Thank God the bowl decal is there to add a small splash of color to it. Not to be flip about it, but Virginia Tech's matte maroon looks a lot like the rest of the world's brown. We still liked the white turkey track helmets better.