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RGIII fined $10,000 for wearing Adidas in postgame press conference

Yup, this actually happened.

Yeah, we know the money is going to charity. But for God's sake ...

Robert Griffin III has been fined $10,000 for his postgame attire following the Redskins' victory over the Ravens, an NFL official confirmed Wednesday.

Griffin often wears a suit and tie to news conferences after games. But the Redskins' star suffered a knee injury in that contest and instead wore an Adidas sweatsuit and t-shirt as he fielded questions from the media at the podium. Adidas is among Griffin's growing list of endorsements

Seriously, NFL? Dude just threw on some sweats so he could address the media after getting a potentially serious knee injury looked at and you decided to ding him 10K? That's what this has come to?

You know what? The hell with it. It's 5 o'clock on the last Wednesday before Christmas, and we can't waste any more energy getting mad about this. It's still a wonderfully pointless fine, but hey, that's the NFL's call.