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Kirk Cousins apologizes for his haircut Wednesday

The Redskins back-up quarterback no knows what his follicle future holds.

Wednesday is typically the day when the Redskins quarterback speaks to the media out in Ashburn. For the last two weeks, due to Robert Griffin III's injury, we've heard from both Kirk Cousins and RGIII as they take their reps in preparation for Sunday's game.

Wednesday's conference with Kirk Cousins included an update on the quarterback's coiffure, or lack thereof.

Joseph White from the AP was the one who brought up Cousins' haircut, and good thing he did, too, or else we wouldn't have gotten the full, mortifying story.

"I have to apologize to my family and friends back home," [Cousins] said. "I think I'm embarrassing them. I try to represent them well, and my haircut's not doing it."

He then explained that when he went to get a haircut on Monday, he had a "communication breakdown" with a female barber whose English wasn't the best. She also took off his glasses, so he couldn't see what she was doing.

"She wheels me back around," Cousins said. "I look at the mirror and I realized I had a Mohawk. So I tell her, 'Just shave it off. I don't know what to tell you.' So she just buzzed it off, and I have to live with this for the next couple of weeks until it grows back. ... The tough thing was that I didn't realize until that moment that I do have a receding hairline. That was tough to take. My dad is more-or-less completely bald, and I was hoping I wasn't going to get his genes."

Bad luck, Kirk. At least now you know what your follicle future holds.