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Did DeAngelo Hall threaten to kill a linesman in Pittsburgh?

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In the Washington Post, Mark Maske reveals the reasons behind Hall's ejection October 28.

Hey, guys, remember this incident between DeAngelo Hall and a linesman in Pittsburgh back on October 28? Yes, we know, it was back in the bad old days before Washington's current five-game winning streak that has them well in the running for the NFC East title and their first playoff appearance since 2005.

But then on Thursday, Mark Maske of the Post brought up that incident again and adds a new detail to it: that Hall was ejected because he threatened to kill head linesman Dana McKenzie.

The crux of the interview is Hall's criticism of the NFL's investigatory and appeal processes, which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone in light of the fiasco that has been the New Orleans Saints bounty case.

The situation in Pittsburgh, it was just a bad situation. I'm still going through the proper channels to try to figure out what we can do as far as just rectifying that. Because we went through the whole process with the NFL and at first they investigated it. They sent investigators out and interviewed me, which felt like an interrogation, interviewed other players, interviewed the referees. Never discussed with me the findings of what transpired, then came out and fined me $30,000 about the incident, then heard my appeal.

So, did Hall say what he denies he said? Well, there's a gif of the confrontation in the first link of this post that shows Hall pointing at McKenzie and appearing to say he was going to do something untoward to him. Immediately, both McKenzie and another official throw their flags. In the heat of the moment, did Hall say something he shouldn't have? Did McKenzie and his colleague mishear something?

We have our suspicions. You be the judge.