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NBA standings 2012: Wizards have worst record in the league

A look at where the Washington Wizards currently sit in the NBA standings.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Wizards currently possess the worst record in the NBA.

As of Thursday afternoon, the Wizards own a 3-23 record and sit in last place in the Southeast Division, as well as the Eastern Conference. They are also the only team in the league to have a sub-.200 winning percentage (.115).

Trailing the Miami Heat (20-6) by 17 games for the division lead, Washington has bolstered that total with the aide of an eight-game losing streak that began two weeks ago with a loss to the Houston Rockets. The streak reached its current mark of eight games following a loss to the Eastern Conference's second-worst team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, on Wednesday night (final score: 87-84).

While the Wizards may own the Southeast's worst record, they fortunately do not claim ownership to the worst losing streak, as that dubious honor is bestowed upon the Charlotte Bobcats (7-21). Currently in the midst of a 16-game skid, the Bobcats sit in fourth place in the division.

The Orlando Magic (12-16) possess a losing streak of their own (three games) and claim ownership to third place in the Southeast.

The Atlanta Hawks (17-9) are in second place and trail the Heat by three games for the division lead.