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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Another mock draft predicts Jordan Poyer to Washington

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Multiple mock drafts predicts that the Washington Redskins will selects Oregon St. Beavers cornerback Jordan Poyer.


The Washington Redskins do not own a first-round pick this season, since they traded the pick away last season to select quarterback Robert Griffin III, but draft experts are predicting who the team will select with their second round draft pick. A slight consensus is starting to develop, as another mock draft is sending Oregon St. Beavers cornerback Jordan Poyer to the Redskins.

Steve Shoup at Hogs Haven mocked the corner to Washington last week, and Walter from mocked the corner to the Redskins this week. While Shoup discussed the Poyer's ability as a player, Walter focused on the Redskins current need at cornerback, writing:

DeAngelo Hall, who has underperformed this year, is due $7.5 million in 2013, but none of it is guaranteed. The Redskins can easily cut him and move on. Regardless of whether they do this or not, they have to find some help at the cornerback position.

Poyer, a senior this season for Oregon St., made the Associated Press All-American first team at cornerback this season. Poyer will play in the Alamo Bowl against the Texas Longhorns on Saturday, Dec. 29 at 6:45 p.m. on ESPN. The corner has also received an invitation to play in the Senior Bowl.