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Nationals announce January Fanfest, let everyone down in the process

"Major offseason announcement," eh?

An open letter to whoever runs the Washington Nationals Twitter account.

Sir or Madam:

We here at SB Nation DC understand your enthusiasm and desire to promote NatsFest, the winter carnival for Washington baseball fans that takes place January 26 at the Washington Convention Center (Tickets on sale Thursday at 10 a.m.). We get that, we really do.

However, we would just point out that labeling NatsFest as a "major offseason announcement," like you did sort of sends the wrong message. You see, baseball's winter meetings are in progress this week, and as a time when deals are being done, Nationals fans naturally have their browsers fine-tuned for any major player news that comes across the wire. You know, something like Jayson Werth's signing, which happened during the winter meetings in 2010.

We would hope that you would keep such things in mind in the future and not drop the major offseason announcement label on something that, while a nice thing to do for fans, is inconsequential in the big scheme of things.

Your pals,

SB Nation DC