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Cowboys vs. Redskins: Man tackles Christmas tree to celebrate Redskins playoff berth

Well, at least one Redskins fan will honor his promises.

We think it's appropriate that the man in the clip you're about to see is wearing a John Riggins jersey, because this is precisely the sort of thing that The Diesel himself might have done in his pomp.

Yes, that's a grown man with a home and a family throwing himself on to a Christmas tree to celebrate Sunday night's 28-18 win by Washington over the Dallas Cowboys to win the NFC East title and secure a home playoff game next Sunday against Seattle.

Now, look, we understand that New Year's is traditionally the time for taking down Christmas trees (we prefer to keep ours up through January 6th, since, you know, 12 Days of Christmas and all), but we would like to cordially suggest that this gentleman carefully remove the lights and decorations first before he tries to knock the thing over. Just a thought.

Anyway, we can't wait to see what he might do for an encore if Washington beats Seattle Sunday.

First flagged up by @dcsportsbog on Twitter.