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Maryland vs. South Carolina State: Terps win in ugly fashion over South Carolina State, 61-46

Maryland extended their winning streak to eight games, the longest streak for the Terps since the start of the '06-07 season.


Another day, another overmatched Maryland opponent. Maryland did what they could, but South Carolina State tried to play keep away as much as possible against the Terps. Mark Turgeon probably said it best.

"They were trying so hard not to shot, it was hard to get a feel, but they shot 32 percent so we did something right," Said Turgeon.

He also mentioned how it was an ugly game and it was difficult for him to get into, and naturally assumed it was difficult for everyone else as well. With that in mind, I'll forego the good, the bad and the ugly because... well, like I said, Turgeon said it best. It was ugly.

It was real ugly for one player in particular, Charles Mitchell, who got his first career start. Mitchell played eight minutes in the first half and didn't see any time at all in the second half. Turgeon was asked about it after the game.

"He just wasn't into the game," said Turgeon. He wouldn't elaborate further.

Seth Allen didn't see anything out of the ordinary with Mitchell, who was coming off his second double-double of his young career.

"He seemed the same to me, their type of offense made you have to be patient, and he just made a couple mistakes on defense," Allen continued, "He'll bounce back, Charles [Mitchell] is a tough guy."

Mitchell wasn't the only player who struggled though, in fact, outside of Alex Len and Pe'Shon Howard it's hard to find a player who really excelled on Saturday. Len led the team in scoring with 13 points, he was the only player in double figures for Maryland.

Howard, meanwhile, rebounded from a short performance against Md.-Eastern Shore mid-week in which he played just nine minutes due to illness. Howard had six points, which at first glance doesn't seem like a lot, but consider he hasn't scored since before Thanksgiving. Howard also contributed four assists -- to just one turnover -- and four rebounds.

Maryland continued their winning streak after falling to Kentucky in the season-opener, and it now sits at eight games. That's the longest streak since the start of the '06-07 season for Maryland. Maryland will face Monmouth next at home on Wednesday night.