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Xavier Vs. George Washington: Colonials Host Inconsistent Xavier Squad

George Washington will face one of their biggest challenges of the year on Wednesday when they welcome the Xavier Musketeers to Washington.

The George Washington Colonials will host a pretty big name in the National collegiate basketball scene on Wednesday when the Xavier Musketeers make the trip to the Nation's Capital. The game starts at 7 pm.

The Colonials enter the game at just 8-13, and will have to probably play their best team to beat a Xavier team which has a lot more talent than they do.

The Xavier Musketeers figured to be one of the elite teams in the Nation and started the season off on a long winning streak, but after their loss to the Cincinnati Bearcats that will be remembered for that fight, they have been remarkably inconsistent. They won their last game against Charlotte, but lost their previous two before that. The Colonials could score a major update, and it would be a pretty huge one, but they'll have to get the Mr. Hyde version of Xavier to do it.

We'll have plenty more on this game throughout the day on SB Nation D.C..