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VCU Vs. George Mason: Battle Of 13-2 CAA Teams Tuesday In Fairfax

13-2 CAA rivals George Mason and Virginia Commonwealth will square off at the Patriot Center in Fairfax on Tuesday.

There are three teams sitting atop the Colonial Athletic Conference with records of 13-2. Two of those teams, Virginia Commonwealth and George Mason, will square off tonight at the Patriot Center on George Mason's campus in Fairfax, VA. The game is scheduled to start at 9.

Virginia Commonwealth hasn't lost a game in over a month, and are playing just about as well as anyone in the Country during that stretch. This is a very important game for both sides because the winner will probably end up tied with Drexel at the top of the standings, considering they face 5-22 William and Mary next. Drexel also holds the head to head advantage against both of these schools.

The winner of the game between VCU and GMU tonight has a good chance to sweep their remaining Conference games and enter the CAA tournament with some positive momentum. It could also be the difference between making the NCAA tournament and being one of the last few teams left out.

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