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Jordan Crawford Is A Hopeless Romantic. Not.

We've never actually been attached on Valentine's Day, so we understand the bitter sentiments of folks who don't have a special someone on this special day.

Jordan Crawford of the Washington Wizards, on the other hand, is not nearly as broken up about his unattached status.

Via Sarah Kogod at NBC Washington:

"I’m the wrong person to talk to about Valentine’s Day," [Crawford] said laughing. "I usually get rid of my shorties around now."

That's very nice. What a charmer, that Jordan Crawford. Other highlights of the piece include Trevor Booker's Valentine's Day wake-up call and Shelvin Mack pulling off the girlfriend's birthday/Valentine's Day double holiday/single gift routine. Nice work, Shelvin, though we really think your agent should look into the Macbook endorsement possibilities. (Mack, Macbook, get it? Get it?)

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you from all of us at SB Nation D.C. Be sure to treat your shorties right.