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VIDEO: Sherrod Wright's Buzzer-Beater To Beat VCU From Every Conceivable Angle

There's going to be a lot written about George Mason's last-second, 62-61 win over Virginia Commonwealth. But first, let's allow the moment to sink in. We have two separate videos to show you of Sherrod Wright's game-winning three-pointer. Check 'em out after the jump.

The first one is from CSN, which broadcast the game. We like this one because it shows you Wright's shot from four different angles and captures every conceivable emotion, from the agony of Shaka Smart to the elation of the George Mason student section.

And then there's this video, taken from the stands behind the George Mason student section. We like this one because it gives you a sense of just how far out Wright was when he let that fly--and confirms that yes, he did get it off in time.