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George Mason Guard Jordan Baird Will Sing The National Anthem At A Nationals Game This Season

When we last left Jordan Baird, men's basketball walk-on at George Mason and reality show singing competition contestant, he was singing the national anthem prior to Mason's homecoming win over Old Dominion February 4.

It appears that little performance has earned Baird a shot in front of a much larger audience. According to this, the junior has been asked to sing the national anthem at a Washington Nationals game sometime this spring (exact date TBD).

"Through a connection, the director of some of the media operations for the Nationals called me and they want me to sing the national anthem there," said Baird in the article, which was published last week.

There's a video that goes with this in which Baird elaborates more on his local roots, his work in his father's church in Manassas, and lots of other interesting things. But frankly, we weren't listening to a word of it. We just couldn't take our eyes off that sweater.

Article and video via Connect2Mason.