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JaVale McGee Will Not Participate In Slam Dunk Contest At All-Star Weekend

JaVale McGee will not be in the Slam Dunk field to defend the title he should have won last year, so who will be the participants?

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After giving eventual Blake Griffin a run for his money in the Contest last year, JaVale McGee will not participate in the Dunk Contest at NBA All-Star weekend in Orlando this year. The participants are as follows.

Derrick Williams and Paul george are two absolute high-flyers so I understand their inclusion. But I hope that McGee didn't miss out on the contest because the NBA wanted to get Jeremy Lin in there anyway possible so they threw in one of his teammates hoping for an assist from Lin. Buddinger is a pretty good leaper as well, but he isn't in the same class as McGee.

We'll have plenty more on the All-Star game and the whole weekend here, but for more on McGee's snub, please check out Bullets Forever.