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VIDEO: Nick Faust Effectively Ends Boston College Game With Huge Dunk

The Maryland Terrapins were playing their normal game on Thursday night; get out to a huge lead in the first half only to let the game get way closer than it needs to be in the final minutes. They usually hold off the opponent in the end, but they just like to make it a little bit more difficult on themselves than it needs to be.

They let Boston College get back into the game, but when they decided to ultimately put them away, they did it with fashion. Nick Faust decided to take the Eagles out of the game emotionally with a huge tomahawk down the stretch. Video after the jump.

That dunk was then followed up by an alley-oop from Terrell Stoglin to Mychal Parker that really shut the door, as if Faust hadn't already done that.

I don't think a lot of Terps fans knew that Faust had hops like this when he came into the Program. But with this type of athleticism, there really is no telling what kind of player he could ultimately become at Maryland.