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Maryland Athletic Director Kevin Anderson Says Terps Will Not Schedule Georgetown In Any Sport Until Men's Basketball Conflict Ends

Maryland's Kevin Anderson says that the Terps will not play Georgetown in any other sport until a men's basketball series is scheduled.

In his one-plus year on campus, University of Maryland Athletic Director Kevin Anderson has repeatedly tried to rekindle the men's basketball rivalry between the Terps and Georgetown Hoyas. The two DC area schools have not met in a scheduled regular season game since 1993. Anderson is now amping up the pressure for Georgetown to engage in discussions about a home-and-home series by taking all other sports off the board. The Terps and Hoyas have had a spirited and competitive rivalry in women's basketball in recent years. Both schools are also scheduled to play in lacrosse and soccer next season.

But all of those matchups are going to be taken off the table unless Georgetown, and athletic director Lee Reed, are willing to schedule a men's basketball series. Anderson spoke with Liz Clarke of the Washington Post and articulated his new policy:

"We think that across the board, if we're going to play people - particularly somebody in our own region - they should be able and willing to play us in everything," Anderson said in a telephone interview. "If we could sit down and talk about it, and have a good dialogue, we're more than happy to pursue other avenues. But we want to play Georgetown in all sports."

It's certainly a bold public step for Anderson to take, and one that will spark a lot of debate and discussion among alums of both schools in the area.

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