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VIDEO: Minor League Acquisition Kevin Marshall, Capitals Have Something In Common

Thursday, the Washington Capitals made two minor league deals, acquiring defenseman Kevin Marshall from the Philadelphia Flyers and forward Mike Carman from the Colorado Avalanche. Both Marshall and Carman will report to the Caps' AHL affiliate, the Hershey Bears, but it just so happens that Marshall and his new parent club have something in common. Find out what below the jump.

Marshall, who made his NHL debut November 21 with the Flyers, had a cameo in one of the most notable scenes in this year's installment of HBO's "24/7" series profiling the Winter Classic. Of course, the Caps themselves were featured on the same show last season.

The scene below is from the first episode of the season. After Philadelphia wins, the team enters the locker room to the tune of Mac Miller's "Knock Knock." Marshall takes it upon himself to both dance and sing. Watch from 23 seconds and look for No. 46:

Yeah, Marshall will do just fine.