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Nationals Spring Training 2012: Stephen Strasburg's Innings Limit To Remain, Mike Rizzo Says

Questions have been flying around at the outset of spring training about whether or not pitcher Stephen Strasburg would be under an innings limit. But according to CSNWashington Nationals insider Mark Zuckerman, Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo indicated that Strasburg would pitch every five days and be under an innings limit of about 160.

The limit is roughly the same as was with Jordan Zimmermann, who returned from the same injury as Strasburg. His availability lasted until Aug. 26 after 26 starts and 161 and-a-third innings pitched.

There were thoughts that perhaps because of the possibility of contending for the postseason that the Nationals would find some way to extend Strasburg's availability through September. Rizzo was quick to quash those thoughts as he was looking to make sure Strasburg would be around and a full strength in 2013.

"He's a young pitcher that's still learning how to pitch in the big leagues, I think it's unfair for him to get him ramped up in spring training, start the season on a regular rotation, then shut him down or skip him. All of those guys, we're going to make them comfortable, regular rotation, regular reps and just take it from there. I think we're deep enough that we can do that."

The added arms on the rotation including Gio Gonzalez and Edwin Jackson should compensate for Strasburg's shut down later on in the season.

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