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WaPo's Michael Lee Takes The Early Lead In The Lede-Of-The-Year Race

Michael Lee of The Washington Post is one of the best of a very good crop of beat writers D.C. has to offer, so naturally, he's condemned to spend most of his days watching the Wizards. However, Lee's managed to avoid drowning in the negativity that's surrounded the franchise for most of the last few years on the beat, producing quality coverage with humor and insight.

A lot of times, Lee has to work hard to find humor in the Wiz's struggles. Not so last night, when a funny interaction between Wizards coach Randy Wittman and a Phoenix fan wound up leading Lee's game story of Monday night's 104-88 loss.

Washington Wizards Coach Randy Wittman was shouting to the referees, hoping to get a response, but he kept being ignored. Suddenly, a fan seated nearby shouted, "Randy, nobody listens to you!"

Wittman looked over his shoulder and shouted back, "You got that right!"

No stats or play-by-play could have summed up this game and this season so well.