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George Huguely Trial: Jury Convicts On Second Degree Murder And Grand Larceny In Virginia Lacrosse Case

The jury deliberations in the trial of former Landon and Virginia lacrosse player George Huguely have finished, and Huguely has been found guilty on two of six counts. The jury found Huguely guilty of second-degree murder and grand larceny, but has found him innocent on the counts of first-degree murder in commission of a robbery, robbery, breaking and entering with the intent of grand larceny and breaking and entering with the intent to commit assault and battery.

It took the jury nine hours of deliberation to come to their decision. Huguely was accused of killing Yeardly Love, a former Virginia women's lacrosse player, in May of 2010. The prosecution argued that Huguely entered Love's room she was sleeping, and in the days prior, Huguely reportedly emailed her in a rage about her having slept with another man. The prosecution contended Huguely assaulted her out of jealousy and slammed her head against a wall repeatedly. Afterwards, Huguely grabbed Love's laptop and left her bleeding until she eventually died.

The prosecution charged Huguely with six separate crimes, allowing the jury to convict on a lesser charge if they saw fit. The court is in the process of the sentencing phase on Wednesday night.

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