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George Huguely Trial: Conviction Could Bring Up To 60 Years In Prison

Earlier Wednesday evening, a jury found George Huguely guilty on two of the six counts that he was charged with in the Virginia LaCrosse Trail. Huguely was accused of murdering former Virginia women's lacrosse player Yeardley Love in May of 2010 and then stealing her laptop afterwards. Huguely was convicted of second degree murder and grand larceny.

David Fucillo of SB Nation explains what the second degree murder conviction means and what kind of jail time it can bring:

In finding Huguely guilty of second degree murder as opposed to first degree murder, the jury likely decided that while Huguely had malice in his heart, he did not commit the murder in a willful, deliberate and premeditated manner. At the same time, the jury also did not buy that this was a case of mistake and tragedy as the defense tried to portray it. Rather, Huguely had intent to kill Yeardley Love and went through it without, albeit without plan and purpose.


The second degree murder conviction carries with it a sentence of five to 40 years in state prison.

Fucillo also explains what the grand larceny conviction means and what kind of jail time it can bring:

The grand larceny charge relates to the theft of Love's laptop. Evidence indicated Huguely had walked out with Love's laptop after he killed her. In Virginia, grand larceny involves one of multiple possibilities. If a good was taken off the person of another, the value only needs to exceed $5. If the good was not taken directly from the person of another, the value must exceed $200.


The grand larceny conviction carries with it a sentence that includes imprisonment for one to 20 years and/or up to a year in jail.

The trial is now in the sentencing stage, which will feature testimony from both sides to convince the jury of a lesser or greater sentence on Huguely's charges. Huguely has already served 21 months in jail, which will count as time served when the sentencing is finalized. Huguely is facing a maximum sentence of 60 years in jail.

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