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George Huguely Trial: SB Nation Medical Expert Explains What Killed Yeardley Love

The jury turned in a recommendation of 26 years in prison for George Huguely in the murder trial of Yeardley Love on Wednesday. SB Nation has a medical expert that looked into the death of Yeardley Love and came to some conclusions about what exactly killed her.

In the end, the one explanation that ties together all of the medical testimony heard by the jury on Love's death -- the specific injuries to the brain, her signs and symptoms following the altercation and speed with which her health deteriorated -- is that she died due to traumatic brain injury. And, sadly, for Yeardley Love, the most likely diagnosis is also the most painful for all of us to comprehend.

If this really was the case, then this seems to indicate that Huguely was involved in her death more so than the defense in the trial would like to admit. It doesn't come as a big surprise because this is what everyone had been thinking since the arrest first took place, but it seems the autopsy has confirmed what we all feared.

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