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Evgeny Kuznetsov Injury: Agent Says Capitals Prospect May Only Miss Three Weeks

We got a little ahead of ourselves after this info came across the Twitter wires, and we were duly smacked down for it. However, if Evgeny Kuznetsov's agent is correct, the Capitals' top forward prospect has dodged a huge bullet.

Via Slava Malamud of Russia's Sport-Express newspaper:

Kuznetsov's agent tells Sport-Express the diagnosis is a severe bruise of soft tissues. May miss three weeks.

That's the only kind of word anyone's gotten since the incident happened Friday night, Russia time. Yahoo's Dmitry Chesnokov, the other major reporter on this story, had only this to say:

Unconfirmed reports at this point that Kuznetsov may indeed only have a severe bruise. He's not picking up his phone

Even Malamud himself has urged caution in the wake of these reports:

Again, I'd advise waiting for the official word from Traktor.

And so, we wait with bated breath and hope that Kuznetsov's Russian agent knows something that no one else does.