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2012 NFL Draft Rumors: St. Louis Rams Will Trade Second Pick, According To Adam Schefter

The St. Louis Rams hold one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in the 2012 NFL Draft. Their woeful 2-14 performance earned them the second pick in the draft, a spot now coveted because of the emergence of Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III as a franchise cornerstone. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Rams will indeed trade that pick.

Schefter’s report is a bit vague. He says that the Rams will trade the pick, but it is not clear whether the team has actually agreed to a deal or not.

Many expect the Rams to trade the pick, given the owner-friendly rookie salary scale for draft picks and Griffin’s sky-high potential. Peter King at Sports Illustrated covered the subject on Monday, making a similar prediction to Schefter’s.

As for the cost of the pick, it will be high, perhaps as many as five draft picks. Schefter notes the cost paid by the Chargers to move up in the 1999 NFL Draft and take Ryan Leaf (whoops). San Diego moved up just one spot that year.

The Washington Redskins are believed to be one of several teams with a keen interest in making a deal for Griffin. A report on Friday from Tony Pauline at says the two teams have already had discussions about a trade.

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