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2012 NFL Draft Rumors: When The Rams Can Trade The No. 2 Overall Pick

The St. Louis Rams have the second overall pick in the first round, and that is where pretty much everyone projects Robert Griffin III to be selected. The Redskins will certainly have some interest in trading up from their sixth overall pick to the second to take Griffin. As SI's Peter King, via SB Nation St. Louis, points out, there are three time periods when the Rams could trade that pick.

The first period, though King calls this one "the most unlikely," is before free agency opens on March 13, as King reasons that a team may try and blow the Rams away after Griffin's combine performance but before he can drive the price up even further at his Pro Day. The second major period when the Rams may look to deal the pick would be at the NFL's league meetings that take place from March 24-28, which would come after Griffin's Pro Day and will feature all of the league's decision makers in one spot. The third would be in the days or hours leading up to the draft on April 26, which is traditionally when deals of this nature are pulled off.

I'm sure most Redskins fans would love to get this one over with before free agency starts, but that typically isn't the way these deals are done. I would expect it to take place while the Rams are on the clock during the first round, and not a minute sooner.

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