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NHL Trade Deadline: Nicklas Backstrom's Brother Slams George McPhee's Deadline Inaction

Did you know that Nicklas Backstrom had an older brother? Well, now you do. Kristoffer Backstrom used to play professional hockey in Sweden and Germany, but has since retired from the game and gone into business. He's also an active presence on Twitter and was, like the rest of us, somewhat taken aback when Washington didn't make any deals Monday despite have at least one disgruntled veteran (Roman Hamrlik) and at least one glaring need (center).

Here we go with three Tweets in particular that raised eyebrows

Don't understand why didn't do any trade(s) will be interesting to hear the interview from GM McPhee

If you need a new player you have to pay the price for it to and not just hope the other GM doing a bad deal! Dare to struggle, dare to win

I find it hard to believe that there was nothing out there.. Anything is for sale for right price

Kristoffer later backed off a bit from his earlier critique, but it was still the most noteworthy news involving the Caps on a very quiet Trade Deadline Day.

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