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PHOTO: University Of Maryland Basketball Manager Introduces The World To 'Zaching'

Meet Zach Lederer. He's 18 years old, from Ellicot City, Md., and he's the student manager for the University of Maryland men's basketball team. He's also been battling brain cancer since the age of 11

One day last month, Zach's father took a picture of him flexing his muscles in his hospital bed and posted it on Facebook. According to this Columbia Patch story, his cousins posted a similar picture soon after and included the message "The 'Tebow' is no longer 'in.' Now it's the Zach Lederer. Stay strong, big man. We love you!".

And that's how it started.

In the months since, "Zaching" has caught the attention of TV stars and Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, and has also been a source of support of Lederer and other cancer patients. Check out the whole Patch story and enjoy the photo below of Zach, well, "Zaching."