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NBA Power Rankings 2012: Washington Second-Last In Latest SB Nation NBA Power Rankings

The Washington Wizards dropped down three spots on Tom Ziller's latest SB Nation NBA Power Rankings. The post Super Bowl edition has the Wiz in the 30 spot, with only the Charlotte Bobcats ranked lower. With the Wizards sweep of the Bobcats last week, it's unlikely Washington drops to the cellar spot for awhile. But that doesn't mean Ziller thinks much of Randy Wittman's squad - his brief and direct blurb for why he ranked Washington where he did:

[This team is terrible.]

The Wizards were terrible on Friday against Toronto, a team that had been on the other end of their first victory of the season. They have a shot to work their back into the 20's this week, with two losing clubs - the Raptors and Knicks - coming to town before the Miami Heat visit on Friday.

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