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Raptors Vs. Wizards: Ted Leonsis Says The Darndest Things

Wizards owner Ted Leonsis blogged his thoughts about last night's 111-108 Wizards win over the Toronto Raptors. He does this a lot, and normally it's not particularly newsworthy, but there was one quote from his latest entry that caught our eyes.

The crowd was very loud last night and I am most appreciative.

Now, in the technical sense, Leonsis is probably right, in the sense that a few thousand people in any confined space are bound to make a fair amount of noise. However, in the interest of presenting a counterpoint, we'll just point you in the direction of this video, shot during the first half of last night's game by our very own Michael Katz.

Leonsis says that around 14,600 tickets were sold for last night's game (and I know some viewers did a spit-take when Steve Buckhantz casually tossed out that the crowd was around 15,000). Somehow, I imagine the crowd will be even louder when the Knicks and Heat come to town later this week.