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Randy Wittman's Son Says Cornell Played Better Defense On Jeremy Lin Than The Wizards

There were a lot of things not to like about the Wizards in their 107-93 loss to the New York Knicks. But at least we found out that Randy Wittman has a sense of humor. Sort of.

From Bullets Forever:

On a text his son Ryan sent him: "He told me [Cornell] did a much better job than we did guarding him tonight. I already had that text message."

Ouch. In fairness, Ryan Wittman was part of a Cornell squad that won three consecutive Ivy League titles, so he's probably right. I certainly can't recall Lin doing anything like this during his college days at Harvard.

Joking aside, a quick check of the records shows that Lin did score 24 points in a 79-70 loss to Cornell in his senior season. So Ryan's team didn't necessarily have the Indian sign over Lin all the time. But that was just about the only crumb of comfort his old man got after last night's performance.