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Senator Bob Casey Calls On Nats To Reverse Anti-Philly Ticket Policy, Has Nothing Better To Do

Look, we have our issues with the Washington Nationals' "Take Back The Park" campaign to shut out Philadelphia fans from buying tickets at Nationals Park for the May series between the two teams. My predecessor summed up his thoughts succinctly when the policy was first announced.

If there's one enduring reality of D.C. sports, it's this: if you win, people will come. So start winning, Nationals. Then, you won't need to resort to gimmicks.

There we go, eh? The policy got a bit of media play in both cities, but the frenzy mostly died down after people remembered small details like trans-regional migration and capitalism.

And then, here came Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey galumphing down the road to pile on.


Below are a list of things Casey can actually do if he wants to move this beyond grandstanding:

Nothing. Clear enough?