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SB Nation YouTube Channel Launches Today!!!

Hey, guys! Today's March 1, and you all know what that means, right?

Um, yes, it is Justin Bieber's 18th birthday. But you know what else that means?

Yes, it is the 447th anniversary of the founding of Rio de Janeiro. But -- OK, look, this is getting us nowhere.

Today marks the launch of the brand-new, stupendously awesome SB Nation YouTube channel, featuring a list of names which you should know by heart if you have any familiarity with this site, or, indeed, the Internet as we know it. Spencer Hall! Amy K. Nelson! Bomani Jones! Matt Ufford! 100 other bloggers from across the SB Nation network! You get the idea.

"But how do I get access to all this great content?" I hear you ask. Simples. You go here to watch the endlessly amusing trailers for all our awesome new shows. (Seriously, Logan Morrison's a part of this. How can you not want some?). And to get all the awesome content directly, you go here to subscribe.

So check it out. We're not making any promises, but you just might get to see Mike Prada have a Col. Kurtz moment after JaVale McGee goaltends his 2,000th career shot. So, that'll be fun.