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March Madness Schedule 2012: Complete Schedule Of Games On Friday

In case you didn't get your basketball fix with 16 games on Thursday, there's another 16 for you on Friday as the 2012 NCAA Tournament continues Here is the complete schedule of all the games that will be played on Friday and where you can find them.

No. 11 Texas Vs. No. 6 Cincinatti, 12:15 pm, CBS

No. 11 North Carolina State Vs. No. 6 San Diego State, 12:40, tru TV

No. 9 Alabama Vs. No. 8 Creighton, 1:40 pm, TBS

No. 10 Virginia Vs. No. 7 Florida, 2:10 pm, TNT

No. 14 St. Bonaventure Vs. No. 3 Florida State, 2:45 pm, CBS

No. 14 Belmont Vs. No. 3 Georgetown, 3:10 pm, tru TV

No. 16 Vermont Vs. No. 1 North Carolina, 4:10 pm, TBS

No. 15 Norfolk State Vs. No. 2 Missouri, 4:40 pm, TNT

No. 9 Saint Louis Vs. No. 8 Memphis, 6:50 pm, TBS

No. 15 Lehigh Vs. No. 2 Duke, 7:15 pm, CBS

No. 13 Ohio Vs. No. 4 Michigan, 7:20 pm, TNT

No. 10 Purdue Vs, No. 7 Saint Mary's, 7:27 pm, tru TV

No. 16 LIU Brooklyn Vs. No. 1 Michigan State, 9:20 pm, TBS

No. 10 Xavier Vs. No. 7 Notre Dame, 9:45 pm, CBS

No. 12 South Florida Vs No. 5 Temple, 9:50 pm, TNT

No. 15 Detroit Vs. No. 2 Kansas, 9:57 pm, tru TV

For more on the 2012 NCAA Tournament bracket, stay with SB Nation D.C., and stick around SB Nation's NCAA Tournament hub for a complete printable NCAA Tournament bracket and tons of analysis on who was snubbed, who got the best bracket, and who will make it all the way to New Orleans and the Final Four.