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March Madness 2012: Florida Uses Big Run To Take Big Lead Over Norfolk State

With 16:47 left in the first half, Norfolk State's Rodney McCauley completed a three-point play to give the No. 15 seed Spartans a 6-4 lead over the No. 7 seed Gators. Norfolk State's next points came on a floating jump shot by Pendarvis Williams with 9:38 left before halftime.

In between those two baskets, the Gators ripped off a 25-0 run. They haven't looked back since, and at halftime they lead the Spartans 47-19 in the NCAA Tournament Round of 32 at CenturyLink Center in Omaha.

Norfolk State had hoped to pull off two straight upsets and become the first No. 15 seed to reach the Sweet 16. But barring a miraculous rally, that particular distinction will still go begging.

Erving Walker leads the Gators with 11 points while Kenny Boynton has added 10. Marcos Tamares, Chris MacEachin, and McCauley each have three points apiece for Norfolk State, while no other player has more than two points.

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