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Ernie Grunfeld Has Not Been Offered A Contract Extension By Wizards, According To Report

Contrary to a report that came out in the past few days, Ernie Grunfeld was not offered, then declined, a contract extension with the Wizards.

With the performance of the Wizards this season, and the status of his contract, there has been a lot of conversation about whether or not Ernie Grunfeld would return to the Wizards next season. A few days ago a report came out that aid Grunfeld had been offered a contract extension by the Wizards and had elected to decline it, but according to Michael Lee of the Washington Post, that report is not true.

Sources within the Wizards organization have denied a published report that President Ernie Grunfeld recently rejected owner Ted Leonsis’s three-year, $4.5 million proposal to stay with the franchise. Grunfeld’s contract is set to expire after this season, but team sources said he has not been offered an extension and another person with knowledge of the situation said the New York Post report was "made up."

Grunfeld came under fire earlier in the year for assembling the team that had performed so poorly, but he made a trade at the deadline that could help turn some things around. We might have to wait until Grunfeld's contract expires this summer to find out what his future truly is.

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