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Preakness 2012: Kegasus Will Return As 'Lord Of The Preakness InfieldFest'

We're of two minds about the phenomenon (if that's what it is) of Kegasus. On the one hand, we have a great appreciation for the Maryland Jockey Club recognizing the fact that many of the people who go to Pimlico on the third Saturday in May aren't exactly there because of a yen to see one of the Triple Crown races up close.

On the other hand, it is possible to spoil a joke, even a really good one, by taking it too far. Case in point, this odd piece of public relations that was scrupulously blogged by Dan Steinberg.

After a completely unnecessary fake contest between a leprechaun and a bunny to assume Kegasus' place, the Maryland Jockey Club put us all out of our misery by announcing that Kegasus would indeed be back in 2012.

Unfortunately, he appears to be bringing Maroon 5 with him. Hey, are you sure we can't give that leprechaun a call?