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Jim Irsay Jerks Redskins Fans Around

As you may have heard by now, Colts owner Jim Irsay has an interesting Twitter feed.

The eccentric owner has seen his timeline filled with news, jokes, awkward commentary, and riddles regarding his team's offseason plans.

The Colts, of course, holds the number one pick in next month's draft, and essentially hold the Washington Redskins fate as it relates to which quarterback they'll be selecting. Most still believe Indy will pick Andrew Luck, leaving the Redskins with Robert Griffin III, who has already become a fan favorite in D.C. Griffin is so beloved, it seems, that some fans may even prefer the team draft him over Luck. That preference has caused some worry that the Colts may have a change of heart during the process and select Griffin instead.

Irsay hasn't done much to quell those fears in recent days, as he's come out and said his team is still undecided as to which direction they'll go with that first pick. Smokescreen or not, Irsay has now kept the suspense going with an apparent Twitter riddle whose answer may cause Redskins fans to cringe.

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Since no one was able to provide Irsay with the correct answer to the riddle, he gave the answer himself this morning:

(R)anger, (G)ate, (3) sisters......RG3. Something tells me Redskins fans aren't amused.