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Drew Storen Injury: Davey Johnson Confirms Closer Will Start Season On DL

Drew Storen has been out of Spring Training for a few weeks with tightness in his arm, and now it appears as though he won't be ready to start the season.

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The Washington Nationals had one of the better bullpens in the National League last year, but it seems like they may be without one of it's key components to start the 2012 Season. Closer Drew Storen hasn't pitched for a little while at Spring Training while dealing with some tightness in the muscles in his arm. Now Davey Johnson confirms that Storen won't be with the team to start the season, but it doesn't sound like he is overly worried about missing Storen for a long period of time.

This is where the depth of the Nationals bullpen really comes in to play. They could plug about four guys into that hole -Henry Rodriguez, Tyler Clippard, Brad Lidge or Sean Burnett - to help keep the seat warm until Storen comes back. But this feels like the exact type of situation the Nationals were envisioning when they brought Brad Lidge on board.

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