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2012 NFL Draft Rumors: Mike Shanahan Would Be Willing To Start Rookie QB, According To Report

At this point in the process, it seems almost a certainty that the Redskins will take Robert Griffin III of Baylor will end up in Washington with the second overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. The question that comes next is if he will start from the beginning, or if Mike Shanahan will let him learn behind Rex Grossman for a while. According to Marc Sessler of, Shanahan is open to playing a rookie from the very beginning.

"You put him in there when you feel like he's ready to go," Shanahan told The Washington Post at this week's NFL Annual Meeting. "... When you make a move to the second pick in the draft, you've got to feel comfortable with both guys.

"You get someone you feel like can be a franchise quarterback for years to come -- that doesn't happen very often. They're hard to find."

Now of course that doesn't mean that will be the plan, but it is noteworthy to know that Shanahan is at least open to the possibility.

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