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Maryland Recruiting: Sam Cassell Jr. To Visit Florida State, USF, According To Report

The saga of Sam Cassell, Jr's recruitment took another turn on Friday, when reports surfaced that he planned to make visits to Florida State and South Florida. Cassell's father came out this week and said his son had not committed to Maryland, despite earlier news in the week that he had indeed committed to play for Mark Turgeon. Now, as Testudo Times writes, it appears he's taking a few other visits at the behest of his father:

Ultimately, I'm not that worried. It's pretty obvious that Jr.'s school of choice, at least for the moment, is Maryland, hence the "Maryland still leads" part. Taking visits is usually brought about by uncertainty, which is a bad sign for the future; that's most obviously not the case here.

But it opens up Pandora's box, in a way. FSU is his dad's alma mater; USF is, uh, well, I'm sure there's something at USF.

Cassell will reportedly visit USF next week but has not officially scheduled his visit to FSU.

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