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VIDEO: Syracuse Chiefs' Marketing Team Striking While The Iron Is Hot

The Washington Nationals decision to not let uber prospect Bryce Harper start the year in the big leagues is a boon to Class AAA affiliate Syracuse, as they now have a valuable commodity to market as their season begins. It appears the team took no time at all to promote Harper and the upcoming season, knowing that the clock is ticking on when Harper jumps to the majors. After the jump, via @NatsEnquirer, check out the Syracuse Chief's Opening Day promo, featuring one Mr. Bryce Harper.

After watching that video, it seems the Syracuse Chiefs are still second among Chiefs-named franchises (real or fictional) in terms of marketing efforts, in this humble scribe's opinion. For the record, the Charleston Chiefs are No. 1.

We'll have much more on Spring Training here at SB Nation DC in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out SB Nation's Nationals blog, Federal Baseball, for more news and notes. And don't forget to visit Baseball Nation, the MLB hub of SB Nation for information from around the league.