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MAAC Championship Game: Loyola's Jimmy Patsos Compares His Full-Court Press To The Black Panthers

Like most good things about sports, and life in general, if Jimmy Patsos did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him. Patsos, a former volunteer assistant for Gary Williams at Maryland who also did some bartending at Georgetown's The Third Edition, reached a new height in the mid-major coaching profession Monday night when he led Loyola to a 48-44 victory over Fairfield in the MAAC Championship Game. The win clinched Loyola's first tournament berth since 1994 and forever made Patsos a legend at the Jesuit university.

And then, Patsos made the night even better at the postgame press conference simply by opening his mouth.

Per Dan Steinberg:

"I talked about Bobby Seale and the Black Panthers," Patsos, a former Maryland assistant, said. "I said there’s levels. There’s Martin Luther King. There’s Malcolm X. And I said I have saved Bobby Seale and the Black Panthers for the end. Sometimes you’ve got to get militant, and we’re getting militant, young men.

Fantastic. The full video of the postgame presser is here, and it's very much worth your time.

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