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Anthony Rendon Injury Update: Nationals Prospect Has Partial Fracture Of Ankle

The Nationals are just six games into the new season and they are already having a lot of problems with injuries. They've experienced it at the Major League level and also in the minors. Anthony Rendon, one of their top prospects in the minor league system, suffered an ankle injury in his first game as a professional. It was assumed to be a sprain at the time, but now it appears that Rendon has actually suffered a small fracture.

Fracture certainly sounds worse than sprain, but it is also possible that a injury to the bone that could heal would be better than an injury to a tendon or ligament that could then be more susceptible to future injuries.

It is important to note that this is the left ankle, while injuries to the right ankle cost Rendon much of his last season at Rice. It is probably promising for his rehab that the injury happened to an ankle that he did not previously have a history with, but persistent ankle injuries is never a good sign. There is no time table for when Rendon might be able to get back into action, but I'm sure the Nationals will be taking things very slowly with one of their prized prospects.

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