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New York Red Bulls Vs. D.C. United Score Update: D.C. Dominating, Leads 3-0 At The Half

D.C. United is continuing their dominant play as of late, as they thrashed the New York Red Bulls during the opening 45 minutes and pulling out to a 3-0 lead.

United holds a 57%-43% advantage in possession and only allowing one shot on goal to the Red Bulls.

Chris Pontius opened the scoring with a pair of goals, one coming in the eighth minute, and the other at the 32nd. Just four minutes later, Nick DeLeon found the back of the net, stretching the lead to 3-0.

United has a total of eight shots to the Red Bulls' three.

There is still more to come from tonight's game, so stay tuned to this StoryStream. Want more coverage of D.C. United? Head over to Black and Red United for all the latest news and analysis. Want more soccer coverage? The SB Nation Soccer Hub Page has all the latest news from around the world.