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VIDEO: Chris Pontius Hits A Hat-Trick Against New York Red Bulls

We won't blame you if you're having trouble being productive this Monday morning. It's a cold, cloudy day that feels more like December than April. Plus, of course, this happened.

But it wasn't all bad news. At about the time the puck dropped on overtime at the Verizon Center Sunday, D.C. United and New York Red Bulls kicked off across town at saturated RFK Stadium. What followed was a truly wonderful performance from D.C. United's Chris Pontius, who scored his first professional hat trick in United's 4-1 win over New York.

But, of course, you probably didn't see it, since you were both too busy watching the Caps game and too depressed to flip the channel in the aftermath. So, we've produced Pontius' goals below the jump.
Note that Pontius strips none other than Thierry Henry on his first goal. Finish ain't bad, either.

For his third goal, Pontius apparently got so bored with the game that he decided to try a Maradona impression. Worked out pretty well.

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