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Nike To Unveil New NFL Uniforms At New York City Event On Tuesday

Nike took over from Reebok as the official apparel provider of the NFL, and they will debut new jerseys for all 32 NFL teams at 11 am on Tuesday.

Nike took over as the official apparel partner of the NFL at midnight, and on Tuesday they will unveil some changes that they have made to all 32 NFL teams. Some of the changes will be drastic, but for more traditional teams like the Redskins minor tweaks might be the direction Nike chooses to go. But every team will get a new jersey made of different material, which means real fans will still have to buy one even if the jerseys are pretty similar. According to Nike CEO Mark Potter, Nike is trying to toe a pretty delicate line with the new jerseys.

"We've innovated at a very high level, the uniforms are lighter, they're faster, they're better fitting. So, the athletes are actually very excited about what we're going to bring to the professional game. People are wondering - What are you going to do? Are you going to get crazy with the uniforms? I think we're actually going to have some fun, but respect the tradition of these teams at the same time."

Each team will get the new Nike treatment, and there are players from all 32 franchises in the Big Apple to display the new duds. No word on if Brian Orakpo is the representative for the Redskins, but he is in New York right now and just sent out a pretty positive tweet about the new jerseys.

Maybe that means that the Redskins are getting some serious changes? Or maybe Orakpo is just a fan of modern, lightweight fabrics. Either way, we'll know later on Tuesday morning.

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