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NFL Draft 2012: Robert Griffin III Won't Work Out For Indianapolis Colts Or Washington Redskins

The latest minor news story to come out of the NFL Draft came when Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay tweeted the following.

Cue massive amounts of scrutinizing and tea leaf-reading. Surely this was a sign that Robert Griffin III was committed to playing with the Washington Redskins and for his idol Mike Shanahan. And then ESPN's Adam Schefter came along and explained that it really doesn't mean very much at all.

And, just for the record ...

This is all perfectly understandable, since the final decision does not belong to the Redskins. They'll take whichever quarterback the Colts don't, and everyone in D.C. will be happier for it (though, one senses) slightly disappointed if it does turn out to be Luck.

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